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Enjoy a cozy dining atmosphere at Yolle Tropical Restaurant while enjoying our best wine and delicious authentic Island food.

Yolle Tropical Event

Serving the best authentic Haitian Food in town.

Welcome to Yolle Tropical Restaurant When it comes to throwing a great do, Yolle Tropical Restaurant event specialists have it covered.

Our passion is delivering spectacular events with perfectly organized attention to detail. Our reputation for excellence is built on organizing events as colorful as they are varied, and our reputation is legendary.

Our Policy

YOLLE TROPICAL RESTAURANT LLC is committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that your personal information is handled in a safe and responsible way. This policy outlines how we aim to achieve this and includes the information collected when:

  • you use our website
  • you make a booking on our website.
  • you make inquiries on our website.
  • someone is interested in working with us.

Our Core Values

  • At Yolle Tropical Restaurant, We Satisfy And Captivate Our Customers — Our customers are the backbone of our restaurant. We strive to exceed the expectations on every meal experience every single day.
  • Leadership — The courage to build a better work ethic for a better future.
  • Passion — We passionate about our culture that is why we make the best authentic Haitian Food.
  • At Yolle Tropical Restaurant great just isn’t good enough.

What We Offer

Choose from half platter or full platter

Griot (Fried Pork)

Fried Turkey (Dinde)

Conch (Lambi)

Fried Chicken

Fried Goat (Kabrit)

Rice (Du riz)

Macaroni Gratine

Potato Salad

Boiled Corn

Haitian Acra

Fried Plantains

Haitian Marinade

Call us now for special pricing or reserve a VIP table online.

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(561) 619-3692

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